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Esthetic Restorations in Manhattan and Queens, NYC

At PresiDental Care, we believe in the transformative power of a beautiful smile. Our dedicated team of dentists is committed to providing exceptional esthetic restorations that not only restore the function of your teeth but also enhance their appearance. 

Enhance Your Smile with Esthetic Restorations

Esthetic restorations encompass a range of dental services procedures designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of damaged or decayed teeth. These treatments may include dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and more. Our focus lies in creating top-quality aesthetic restorations, customized to meet the individual needs and preferences of each patient.


Dental Crowns: The Cornerstone of Esthetic Restorations

Dental crowns stand as one of the most sought-after types of aesthetic restorations. A dental crown is a tailor-made cap that covers the entire exposed portion of a tooth, reinstating its shape, size, strength, and color. Various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, metal, or zirconia can be used to craft dental crowns, depending on the patient’s specific requirements and desires. We take great pride in utilizing only the finest materials to produce dental crowns that boast durability and visual appeal.

The Esthetic Restoration Process at PresiDental Care

Our skilled dental team employs an extensive method to ensure that your esthetic restoration not only looks remarkable but also offers vital support and safeguard for your teeth. The procedure generally includes the following stages:

Evaluation and Consultation

Our dentist will meticulously assess your tooth and deliberate on the most appropriate material choices for your esthetic restoration, considering aspects like the tooth's location, the degree of damage, and your personal inclinations.

Tooth Preparation

Subsequently, the dentist will prepare your tooth for the restoration by eliminating a minor portion of the external enamel and dentin layer. This guarantees that the restoration will securely fit and seamlessly merge with your neighboring teeth.

Impression and Provisional Restoration

A mold of your prepared tooth will be obtained and sent to our dental laboratory where the permanent restoration will be created. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary restoration to protect your tooth and preserve its appearance.

Restoration Fitting

Once your permanent restoration is prepared, you'll revisit PresiDental Care for the ultimate fitting. Our dentist will examine the fit, color, and form of your restoration and carry out any required adjustments before adhering it to your tooth using a potent adhesive.

Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Practice good oral hygiene
Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Avoid biting on hard or sticky foods
Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Tips after Esthetic Restorations

Wear a mouth guard for physical activities

Benefits of Esthetic Restorations

Esthetic restorations provide numerous advantages, enabling you to attain an attractive, wholesome smile by:

  • Safeguarding fragile or fractured teeth from additional harm and potential removal
  • Reviving the functionality and visual appeal of a damaged or eroded tooth
  • Reinforcing a tooth with an extensive filling or root canal therapy, preserving its structural strength
  • Masking a stained or malformed tooth, improving your smile’s overall look
  • Stabilizing a dental bridge or implant firmly, offering enduring support and stability

Choose PresiDental Care for Exceptional Esthetic Restorations

Comprehending the significance of a self-assured, healthy grin, our dedication lies in offering individualized, tender dental attention that caters to your requirements and surpasses your anticipations. Our proficiency in esthetic restorations, along with cutting-edge equipment and meticulousness, guarantees you obtain top-tier dental assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Esthetic Restorations are dental treatments designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of damaged or decayed teeth. These restorations, including dental crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays, can improve your smile by restoring your tooth's shape, size, strength, and color, ultimately providing a more visually appealing and functional result.

The durability of Esthetic Restorations can vary based on factors like the restoration type, materials employed, and your dental hygiene habits. With appropriate care and upkeep, most restorations can endure for a considerable time. For example, dental crowns and veneers generally last 10-15 years, while inlays and onlays could persist for up to 30 years.

The price of Esthetic Restorations is determined by the specific procedure, materials selected, and the intricacy of your dental problem. It's crucial to consult with your Presi Dental Care dentist to discuss your particular requirements and obtain an accurate cost estimate.

Coverage for Esthetic Restorations by dental insurance can vary based on your individual plan and the treatment involved. Some insurance providers might cover a part of the expense for restorative treatments, while others might not. It's essential to check with your insurance provider and Presi Dental Care to ascertain your coverage and any out-of-pocket costs.

To care for your Esthetic Restorations, it's vital to practice good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, as well as scheduling routine dental exams and professional cleanings. Moreover, avoiding hard, sticky, or abrasive foods that could harm your restorations is necessary. Don't hesitate to inform your dentist about any changes or concerns related to your restored teeth.

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